Barak and his education campaign

He talks of transforming American educational culture. A beautiful dream. He says, “the single most important factor in determining their achievement today is not the colour of their skin, or who their parents are but…who their teacher is.” “If we are going to give our kids a chance, it is time to start giving our teachers a chance” Wow.

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This from Tracy’s edublog. Nice words Tracy!

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I’m seeing parallels with Obama’s presidential campaign and Rudd’s Education Revolution – there’s a personal campaign and then there’s a party line from Labour.

Education as campaign has struck me as a recent arrival (or maybe I’m just seeing it for the first time!)…it ties in with emancipatory action research processes, activity theory and practitioners at the coalface of teaching and learning, but does so expanding on social justice, acknowledges productivity and, I hope, emphasises the dynamic relationship between individual and society.

I’ll write more on this as I reflect and flesh it out more.

But…before I go, why does John Howard think that education has nothing to do with him and his government? It’s been a “mixed message” week for our PM!

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