What New Year’s resolution???

Happy New Year! Whilst lolling around at the beach a few days ago (leading up to NYE) a friend asked what our New Year’s resolutions were for 2008.

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I haven’t articulated a New Year’s resolution for some years now, and I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it all started with a particularly heightened sense of (over?)achievement one year to which I then attributed to subsequent years…then again, perhaps focusing on only ONE resolution seemed a little drab? I am a Gemini after all, craving variety at the demise of boredom single mindedness!

I think the last time I attempted some medium to long term, whole-of-person, visioning was at the turning point of my career, in Geraldton, northwest WA, where I kept copious lists, prioritised tasks, managed a handful of projects on the go, outlined my long-term “business development plan”, and developed a reflective list of my life goals. Prior to these efforts, upon finishing high school, I wrote myself a letter which I consequently read on turning 21. This letter stated my dreams and aspirations as I entered into womanhood in earnest.

I’ve since lost that letter, have lost track of my planning documents since moving between three states (not to mention some of my marbles in the process), but I do have a copy of the business plan I started out with (and I think my life goals are in there) … somewhere.

This is not to say I don’t have a good measure of resolve either! :o)

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So, what are New Year’s resolutions supposed to be all about then? Well, resolving to attend to, put effort into, make the most of, be focused on, think better of, better care for, etc, etc, right? Yeah yeah.

On reading Tracy’s ‘Getting Things Done’ post and tracking back to Allen’s GTD info on Wikipedia, via Scott’s post, I’m reassessing the worth and scope of the whole New Year’s resolution thang for myself. Really, there is so much to keep track of these days and with so much info to process, digest and comment on, it all seems too much to throw in a New Year’s resolution on top of it all. But it DOES make sense to me to revise my own Getting Things Done routine, as it affects a whole lot of things (particularly those I’ve just mentioned) – so that will be my New Year’s resolution!

I’m also hoping a side major benefit of this will be my team’s obvious relief (sheesh!) as I dutifully acknowledge their work schedules and plan projects, etc accordingly! (Is that a collective sigh of relief I hear?)

I will take a leaf out of Scott’s GTD post (thanks Tracy!) and reassess my ‘hardware’ in plotting out my own GTD plan (not sure I can revert back to paper tho Scott, as convincing as your points are!) :o) Some of my can’t-do-without tools so far include:

  • Nokia 6233 for syncing with my calendar, taking that quick photo, recording discussions, etc (I always wanted my own PA!)
  • Google Docs for documents and spreadsheets shareable with my team and other colleagues across campuses, states and countries
  • GoogleTalk to converse regularly with said colleagues (Skype is killed by our firewall)
  • Wiki for whipping up that last minute presentation, report, workshop plan or brainstorming exercise (I use Wikispaces mostly)
  • Flickr for storing all my images both for work and for play! Keeps me in touch and informed visually over the longer term (here’s an Animoto sample!)
  • (OK then, ONE paper based thing) an A5-sized spiral notebook (otherwise known as my ‘laptop’) for keeping notes should other more electronic ‘tools’ not be accessible

I’ll just qualify all this by saying that I’m certainly NOT a stickler for keeping time and managing projects Gannt-style – but there is much merit in maintaining a healthy and achievable level of meaningful work, as this directly corresponds to one’s own sanity (not to mention that of others) and wellbeing!!

Oh, did you just get a whiff of ‘commitment-phobia’??

P.S. See, I NEED this GTD thing, cos Tracy’s post was from November 2007!! Maybe my resolution should be to read more of my feeds more regularly!?! So, uh, you might want to read this reflective post of Tracy’s instead… ;o)

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2 thoughts on “What New Year’s resolution???

  1. Don’t feel so bad…took me near to a month to read and respond to this one!
    Happy New Year – how’s the GTD working for you?

  2. Heh. I need to re-jig my GTD days around to work into my work schedules and practices more (e.g. collection, processing, etc). And a weekend to sit through everything I’ve piled into my ‘in’ tray!
    I’m gonna stick with it tho and see how it goes (grows?)… and happy new year to you too!

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